Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Minute of Inspiration: Halloween Makeup Ideas

// Comic Girl: LOVE this one //

Can you believe it's Halloween already!? Knowing this month is going to fly by in jiffy, I've started looking around for some Halloween makeup ideas. Look what I found...

 // Creepy Girl //

// Pretty Clown // 

// Dia de Los Muertos: If it's possible to pull off creepy and pretty at once, this is it //

// Cleopatra // 

// Flower Fairy: this girl cray-cray. I saw this in the "news." If you're intrigued, watch her video here // 

// Zipper Eyes // 

 // Comic Book Look by Mac Makeup Artists // 

 // Black Swan Inspired // 

 // Comic Book Girl: Clearly I'm obsessed with the comic book look // 

// 'Scary as All Hell' Girl: uhhh yeah, this scares me // 

So impressed by the makeup application on all of these ladies. It's truly art! If you like this post, you'll like these Halloween makeup ideas from last year. Do you see anything here that inspires you?


Diana Mieczan said...

WOW..those are amazing and the comic book one is my favourite. So awesome! Kisses

Bev said...

Seriously I'm in awe what they do with make up, it's crazy!

Amanda said...

Oh wow the third look is soo dope!

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

So inspiring! I wish my country celebrates Halloween. xx

Unknown said...

These are some amazing makeup looks!
Caravan of Style

Unknown said...

That cat makeup will surely scare me too! But that is amazing! I'd like to share some more of Halloween makeup ideas that I hope will give you more options.

Happy Halloween, guys!

Cuttysark said...

wow, i love your collection of Scary Halloween Makeup ideas . Thanks for sharing and great blog.

yourcyberhelper said...

I am now a follower of this blog. I was so excited as early as now to come up with a nice halloween get up and make up for Halloween 2014. Please let me pin any photos from your blog to my Pinterest board of best Halloween makeup ideas. please please please. I like it to share to my followers thats why. Keep on sharing interesting articles and good day ahead!

Best Halloween Makeup Ideas

Maria Maria Maria said...

@YourCyberHelper go right ahead! Glad you found some inspiration here!

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