Monday, October 1, 2012

A Minute of Inspiration: Maniac Pumpkins

There are three things I love about Halloween: people running around in costumes, the idea of Halloween being a celebration of the end of the 'light' half of the year and the beginning of the 'dark' half and pumpkin art (here are some pretty pumpkins from last year)!

How incredible are these pumpkins?! Childhood friends Chris Soria and Marc Evan, a muralist and an illustrator, had been carving pumpkins for fun until 2009 when the New York Yankees asked them to carve 50 pumpkins in 36 hours for Game 1 of the World Series. The rest is history. Look what these amazing artists can do with a locally grown pumpkin, knives, linoleum cutters and pear-shaped clay loops. It's simply Magic.

'Klimt's Kiss'
// love love love this one //

'Starry Pumpkin'
Watch the making of video here



Check out more of their work at

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