Sunday, January 31, 2016

LA Hikes: Charlie Turner Trail

Looking for a highly acclaimed, scenic, easy, classic Los Angeles hike? Give the Charlie Turner trail, also known as the Mount Hollywood trail, a go. This 3 mile roundtrip hike gives you 360 degree views that include the Hollywood sign, panoramic views of the city of Los Angeles from the beach past downtown, the San Gabriel mountains and of course the sprawling Santa Monica mountain range that you will be climbing. The 650 foot elevation gain takes you high enough to take in breathtaking views without the effort of a strenuous hike.

The hike starts out on a fairly even path and within 5 minutes you're able to take in beautiful views of Los Angeles. This is a popular trail so be prepared to hike with a lot of people.

The Hollywood sign! I'm not sure if this trail will take you all the way to the Hollywood sign, and either were the 5 other people that asked us that question along our way. Take note that the trailheads and trails themselves are not well marked in this area. There were a couple of instances where we didn't know which path to continue on. A lot of people were asking for directions and we saw some people back-tracking after making a wrong turn. Just keep an eye on the path you take so you can take the same one back.

The Griffith Observatory with downtown Los Angeles in the background. Simply stunning.

The San Gabriel Mountains in the distance

About halfway up there is a nice little lookout and resting spot. It's a great spot to take a picture with the Hollywood sign in the background.

Looks like a scene out of a fairy tale, no?

The last little bit of the hike is a steeper climb to the top, where you are rewarded with...


...a ridiculous view of Los Angeles. So pretty! It was a little overcast on this day, but that didn't take away from the view and the fresh air at the top. There were about 10 friendly butterflies at the top that would let you get fairly close to them.

I recommend descending back down along the actual trail. There is a shortcut that we saw some people taking both up and down the mountain. You can catch it at the very beginning of the trail right after you cross the bridge. We tried to take this "shortcut" on the way down and I ended up sliding halfway down in a crouched position, grabbing onto what ever I could get my hands on until two girls came up and said they saw a "huge" snake further below. So, we turned around and climbed back up...and then took the actual trail down. You know what they say about short cuts...

How To Get To The Charlie Turner Trailhead

To get to the Charlie Turner trailhead, follow directions that would take you to the Griffith Observatory. You can park in the Griffith Observatory parking lot, but chances are it will be full, so you'll have to park on one of the other side streets and make your way up the hill toward the Observatory. The trailhead starts at the north end of the Observatory parking lot, there is a sign there that says "Mount Hollywood Trail," with "Charlie Turner Trail" in smaller writing beneath it.

This is such a classic Los Angeles hike that will surely delight.

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Aimee said...

Still great photos, despite being overcast! Looks like a breathtaking hike!


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