Monday, July 8, 2013

A Minute in the Life: 5 Fabulous Things from My (4th of July) Weekend

Hoping you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! Time spent with good friends, lots (too much) of good food, 10-15ish episodes of Arrested Development and countless hours of sleep is how I spent my extended weekend. It was beautiful. I also got around to creating my first new card this year-- I know that sounds rather lazy of me considering it's already July, but please know that I spent the first half of this year on my biggest, most ambitious art project yet...designing and making by hand the 150+ wedding invitations for our wedding later this year! More to come on that...for now, please enjoy...

1// Handmade, watercolor "Happy Heart" Birthday Card by Yours Truly

2// Life-sized Jenga on the beach!

3// Dirt & Worms and Nerds Cupcakes-- surprisingly delicious.

4// 'Merica

5// The Charleston Burger from one of my favorite spots in LA, The Charleston


Tanya Dempsey said...

Great. Now I'm hungry for burgers and cupcakes at 930am! haha... cute pix.

Tanya xx

November Grey

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t said...

Those cupcakes look so good!

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