Monday, February 25, 2013

2013, You're Spoiling Me

Two months and twenty days...that's how long it's been since my last post-- yikes! So incredibly much has happened in these last two months, it's surreal. I rang in the New Year in Japan with my 96 year old Grandmother, bathed in the natural hot springs of Shimoda with my Mother, made my first international sale, witnessed a mother whale teach her baby how to breach while sipping a cocktail on Lana'i, saw two shooting stars, the moon for the first time through a telescope and went to Hawaii with my boyfriend and came back his finance.

I am one lucky girl.

// Lana'i //
// Oahu //

// Lana'i //

// Oahu //

// Sun Silhouettes //

// Sunrise on Lana'i //

// Sleepy Town of Shimoda //

// Shimoda Shore //

// Tempura Udon //

// Shinto Shrine on New Year's Eve //

// My Beautiful Obachan //


Bev said...

A big congrats to you and your upcoming wedding!!

maria said...

Maria, I just came by your blog via another I follow and have spent the good part of my lunch break sipping my coffee and reading your posts. Actually, I re-read your 'latest' post twice! Congratulations on your engagement, btw! Your post made me feel like I've been following you for ages. Loved it.
I'm now your newest follower :)
If you get a moment, fee free to come by my blog too...and if you like, follow along.
Looking forward to visiting again soon.
Maria :)

LeeLee said...

What a fun year you are having thus far. I love visiting Hawai'i, so beautiul.

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