Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Total Solar Eclipse

Wanted to share a quick sneak peak at some paintings I've been working on for a new "Thank You" notecard set. I'm just about done and will be sharing soon!

In other news, a total solar eclipse will take place today, starting at early dawn in Australia (Nov 14)-- 
which is the afternoon here in the US (Tue 13). A total eclipse is when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth.

"The moon's shadow will travel 9,000 miles over Earth's surface in just over three hours, EarthSky reports. The eclipse will begin at 5:45 a.m. (AEST) and finish at 7:40 a.m. During totality [an estimated 4 minutes], several stars and planets will be visible.

The Australian city of Cairns will be the locale of choice--the only city in which the "totality" will be visible." (Huffington Post)

For the rest of us that won't be in Northern Australia during this natural wonder, I came across this paragraph that described the experience in a way that made me 'feel' like I was there:

During totality the sky becomes dark, confusing birds and other animals. You see stars in the sky and it gets strangely cooler. Street lights may come on as their sensors register the lack of light. The birds disappear from the trees and flowers have been known to close up, expecting nightfall. All around you the crowds begin to cheer and clap - that's when you know 'it's on'!

Just before and just after totality the disc of the Sun is glimpsed as a pinpoint of light through mountains and craters at the edge of the Moon. This 'diamond ring effect' is one of the highlights of a total eclipse. (Space Daily)

This particular solar eclipse is very powerful since it coincides with a New Moon. It is said to be a a time to let go of all things that no longer serve you to make way for the new (read more about it here: Scorpio New Moon )-- I'm sure we all have a couple of these. 


McKenna Ryan said...

Those cards look amazing. I would love to know where I can buy them when you are finished with the collection. We just had an eclipse her in the west of the USA a few months ago in september. It was so cool to see. Have a wonderful afternoon!!

Amely Rose said...

wow lovely paintings,
this is why i love your blog so much it is so deligtful , creative and unique.
totaly amazing

want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

my blog:

Catriona MacLeod said...

heya, gorgeous paintings! i am now a follower, would be awesome if you followed me back =)


sonia de macedo said...

Gorgeous designs! I didn't get to see the eclipse since I'm all the way on the opposite side of the country but from what I saw on TV it must have been something to see!


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