Friday, May 4, 2012

Roatan, Honduras: Day 2

Day 2. 
In Roatan, the animals get up early. Each morning we were awaken by birds, bats, and other little creatures that were scurrying across the deck of our villa. Breakfast, then out to the beach to enjoy the crystal clear, warm Caribbean water and some sun. 

On this day we took a boat from the shore of our resort to the West End
the popular diving destination on Roatan. 

I love this shot:) 
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After some walking around and exploring, we ended up at Sundowner's Beach Bar, a popular local spot where your chances of meeting an expat are-- extremely high. The crowd is friendly; I loved asking the expats what made them up and leave the States to move to Roatan. They all seemed very happy and had no plans of moving back. 

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Sundowner's Beach Bar is a great place to start, or in our case, end a night catching the sunset, 
it was absolutely breathtaking. The cocktails were delicious, make sure to try the 
Monkey La La and the Zach Attack!

Now this is a sunset!
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