Thursday, May 3, 2012

Roatan, Honduras: Day 1

In February, a very good friend of mine had a destination wedding in Roatan, 
the largest of the Honduras' Bay Islands. 

The ol' packing routine.

Boarding the redeye at LAX.

We fell asleep in California and woke up somewhere over El Salvador. 
The clouds before we landed were spectacular with the sunrise. A quick 1 hour layover in 
San Salvador where we united with the rest of our friends that had flown in from San Francisco, and we were back on a smaller plane to Roatan which is about an hour flight from San Salvador. 

Hello Roatan! 
85 Degrees & Humid

We were picked up at the airport in Roatan and taken to the resort where we stayed,
Palmetto Bay Plantation. It's about a 20 minute ride, through town and up a dirt hill road, to get from the Roatan airport to Palmetto Bay Plantation

 Though it was overcast for a couple of hours when we first arrived, 
it was nothing but sunny for each day that we were there after.

The pic we took when we first arrived to let our families know that we made it safe :)

After a quick lunch, we headed out to the beach to enjoy a relaxing Day 1.

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