Monday, April 30, 2012

San Juan Bautista, California

My life has been in fast forward since December of 2011; 3 weddings, a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, a baby shower and numerous domestic and an international trip later, I have so much to share!

 Let's start with January 1st, 2012:) This was a fun day trip I took with my family in 
Northern California. We started here in San Juan Bautista and ended the night in Capitola 
watching the sunset with a cup of coffee from the popular Mr. Toots Coffeehouse.

Mission San Juan Bautista is the 15th and largest of the 21 Spanish missions 
that have been established in the state of California. 

Located south of Santa Cruz, California,
 Mission San Juan Bautista sits along the San Andreas Fault

The original floor tiles show animal tracks which were said to have been made 
when the tiles were left outside to dry when they were first made.

Statue of Saint John Baptist sculpted by Thomas Marsh

Around the Spanish Plaza still stand 30 or so historic buildings including the nunnery and the Plaza Hotel, which until 1858 were soldier's barracks. The town of San Juan Bautista is a great way to see what the California was like 160 years ago. 

Sun setting over Capitola

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Beautiful photos!!!
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