Sunday, March 1, 2009

i love typography

I have been following @ilovetypography on Twitter, well, since I joined a couple months ago. I never took the time to check out John D Boardley's website,, and boy, I've been missing out.

It's a must read for any creative. Just reading over the first couple of posts, so many wonderful discoveries have been made!!! Here are a couple of my favorites. This iPhone font recognition app from My Fonts', What The Font,

I love Poolga, iPhone and iPod touch wallpapers from various artists around the world. I think I shall submit my portfolio :) My website, needs a serious update first, re-learning Flash has been at the top of my list for the past couple of months...ugggg.

Here are a couple of different wallpapers...

My Mary Poppins Bag by Maria Simavilla

Supa Dupa Lover by Jonathan Calugi

Black Unicorns by Thereza Rowe

Envia S al 5775 by Sr. Garcia

y by Todd Alan Breland

Ohhhhh the inspiration!

1 comment:

johno said...

Thanks for sharing. The Poolga papers are fantastic, aren't they. Nice to see someone writing so enthusiastically about these discoveries. Keep it up.

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