Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Diesel UMusic Happy Hour in SF

Here is a little segment I produced last week in San Francisco for Diesel UMusic. Such a great two days of shooting. Diesel really does it up; 4 hours of OPEN BAR, free LITTLE STAR PIZZA, good Dj's and hot bands for 3 DAYS STRAIGHT in the basement of their Diesel store on Post.

Since the venue, the basement, is fairly small, it's like attending an intimate, private show. Just you, the band, and maybe 50 other people. Ra Ra Riot, The Submarines, Girls, Loch Lomond and Les Savy Fav were some of the bands in attendance. I had never heard Loch Lomond before, and let me tell you, lead singer Ritchie Young is blessed with some amazing vocal chords. The band did a quick little live snippet from one of their tracks for us during their interview, I got goose bumps. Ra Ra Riot, one of the most attractive bands I've seen, put on a great show as well, they really got the crowd going. I swear lead singer Wesley Miles locked eyes with me a couple times while singing on stage, ha ha, I swear...goose bumps.

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wordsandthoughts said...

Great piece, Maria. I love the feel of the spot that you were able to allow me to experience from just the short clip. The bands look pretty serious, haha.. I do love Ra Ra Riot though.

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