Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ohhhh you Criagslist Scammers...Pt.2

Fortunately, I was able to laugh at the last potential scam I ran into on Craigslist (one out of the many others I wanted to pull my hair out over.) My sister on the other hand...not so fortunate.

Story in short, she was trying to sell her new Blackberry Storm on Craigslist. Scammer wants the Blackberry storm and sends her a Cashiers Check. The check gets sent to the wrong address and is somehow found to be fradulent. Wow. Email thread to follow...

My sister's email back to Scammer in order to find out who/where they live:
"Okay, they delivered it to the wrong residence. I was able to track the item and cash the check at a credit union.
Where should I send your new phone?"

Scammer AKA's email back to my sister:
"Really you will be shipping the phone overseas to my cousin and as soon as you ship it via fedex make sure you get back to me with the tracking number of the phone and make sure you get the balance sent to my cousin ok
Name: Omoniyi Aleem
Address: 48, Anike Ibikunle Street,Mosan
City: Ipaja
State: Lagos
Country: Nigeria
Post Code: 23401
Phone: +2347034886561"

My sister's email back to Scammer:
"I've contacted the NPF and the IGP to inform them that you've stolen an American FedEx account, sent a fraudulent check, and are trying to pull scams You're most likely doing a lot of this and you're going to get caught. I've also contacted the American police and homeland security. Your bad check has been seized by the FBI and is being processed for tracking. We have the address of the computer you've been using and everything is documented. You and possibly your family, if involved, will be charged for this and any other scams you've pulled. You are a foolish fuck head and you should be ashamed. "Sandra Mandarine" Also, your bad English was the first sign that you were not legit. Have fun in jail."

I love my sister.
Do as you please with the information above, but most of all, watch your back's on the good ol' CL.

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