Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ohhhh you Criagslist Scammers... least there is some entertainment value, well, for those of us that aren't naive enough/have learned the hard way, in the letters that scammers reply back with. Here is the most recent email scam I've received in my Adventures in Apartment hunting.


i am so much excited. My name is Rev Samuel Holmesthe ( love that he's a Reverend ) owner of the apartment and also want you to know that it was due to my transfer that makes me and my wife and little daughter ( nice touch! ) to leave the apartment and also want to give it out for rent and looking for a responsible person that can take very good care of it while we are not at the state as we are not after the money for the rent but want it to be clean at the time and the person that will rent it to take it as if it were its own. ( you don't say... ) So for now, we are here in West Africa, our new house and put all my worries off concerning the maintenance of the apartment for, since i am not residing there for now. I left behind some Facilities and electonics which include the rent, DVD player, air conditioning, ( ummm, air conditioning in SF??? red flag, red flag ) alarm system. The kitchen is fully equipped with all necessary cooking utensils, refrigerator-freezer, four-hob ( what the... ) and oven, microwave, dishwasher and washing machine, my computer connected with Internet access also the keys and document of the apartment are right here with us in West Africa, and the lease document. Which i can send to you after all necessary agreement has been accepted. ( Of course. ) Also i will like you to know that the rent charges is not really the issue, hope you are okay with the price of $988 per month including utilities like water, gas, heat laundry facilities, air condition and so on, ( oh wow, right, you can't even get a card board box in SF for $988, oh, but that's right, money is not the issue with him, I forgot so easily... )but your absolute maintenance of my apartment is most important thing, if you are really interested in renting this apartment get back to me so that i can forward you an application form for you to fill so that i can start all necesary ( his spelling and grammer are epic ) arrangement asap.

HERE IS THE APARTMENT ADDRESS >655 Powell St San Francisco, CA 94108, USA

*********RENT APPLICATION FORM**********
*********PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL**********

1) Your Full Name.
2) Your Full Address
3)Phone Number
4) Citizen or Country ?
5) How old are you ?
6) Are you married ?
7) Sex ?
8) How many people will be living in the apartment?
9) Do you have a pet ?
10) Do you have a car ?
11) What is your Occupation ?
12) Short or Long Term Lease ?
13) When do you intend moving in : Date ?
14) When do you inted to moving out : Date ?
15) Deposit : One or Two month Deposit are required
16) Occupant Picture ( really? )
17) Reference Details

Landing 33'1" x 6'10" ( 7.83m x 2.88m )
Reception room 27'1" x 26'1" ( 6.28m x 5.98m )
Kitchen 23'1" x 21'1" ( 4.96m x 4.45m )
Bathroom 7'20" x 6'20" ( 3.18m x 2.88m )
Guest WC 6'1" x 3'20" ( 2.62m x 1.96m )

I personally will actually come visiting you sometimes during the year as our new tenant. Looking forward to hear from you with all this details so that i can have it in my file in case of issueing the receipt for you and contacting you. I can be reach anytime at +2348022961927 or 0112348022961927. Awaiting your reply so that we can discuss on how to get the document and the keys of the apartment to you.

Thanks and God bless
Rev Samuel

Oh, by the way, if you have some free time, feel free to write him at What a winner.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice! This guy is now renting in Geneva too:

It was too cheap and too good to be true, so I decided to google his email address and then I found you blog.

Maria Maria Maria said...

Wow! That's amazing! Glad this could save you some unnecessary drama.

Resume said...

Ha! Yet another scam brought to you by our friendly Internet pirates in some small dark scamming room from Africa. One of these gems was planted on me while trying to sell a cell phone. I called the Geneva police on him. I wonder what ever happened... probably nothing more than a funny blog post.

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