Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sydney Night 01

Ohhh, the joys of getting ready

Jenn, Anya, Suze and Me

The view from Anya and Suze's Apartment

The Ivy was stop number one. What a beautiful space. Half indoor, half outdoor, there are various places to sit, dance or just simply stand and people watch.

Second stop, and my favorite, was this random country/dive in Balmain

This was the country "band." Yes, there was only one man in this band.

Mike played that tambourine like it's never been played before. 

Mike and Roger

Suze and Anya


Down soldiers.


The third stop was The Attic, I believe it's around 2a here. Places don't close here until 4a. Due to the consumption of varied beverages and the time or morning, a kicking contest ensued...or is this just standard in Sydney?

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wordsandthoughts said...

The last picture in this blog says it all. Glad you're there, I'm jealous!

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