Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sydney Day 03, Sunday Funday in Sydney, Yes, They have Sunday Funday Here.

Sunday. Anya and I decide to wander the city.

Volumes..these shirts speak volumes.

Hyde Park

Boomerang School was shutting down, Boomerang's were 50% off...why? Check the guy behind the counter.

We stopped to eat at King's Cross Hotel, you would think "No," but really, it's a "Yes." Pumpkin salad, champagne and oysters....yes, I guess Sunday's are wonderful any where in the world.

This is the view from the street of where we had brunch at King's Cross Hotel.

No boys..not you...the sign behind you. Thank you.

Oh, the lovely signage in King's Cross, the neighborhood is comparable to that of North Beach in San Francisco.

Bocci Ball..what!!!!?! yes.

The Gazebo in King's Cross has been one of my favorite spots here. This very Indy/International local's spot serves up half priced pitches of red, white, rose, and pimm's sangria on the weekends. Everyone is here. Indoor and outdoor seating, food, drinks, bocci ball and the see and be seen crowd. Wait, did you hear me? Bocci Ball! Love it.

Foxy. Speaking of, everything is shortened here in Sydney. Breakfast = Brekki, John - Johnny, Susan = Suze and Kangaroo = Skippy??? You "have" a surf, you "have" a bath, you "have" a walk through the bush (forest.)

From Gazebo, we headed to Bondi Beach.

Burnt Orange peel Margarita's over looking Bondi beach..oh yum.

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wordsandthoughts said...

What the hell is that fox-esque animal in the t-shirt and skate thing? Is it real? (Take note in how I care not of anything else but the mysterious animal).

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