Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ocean Freedom, Rhino's, and something about Mudflats and Parks...

Sewon and Marianne flew in on Friday evening...let the games begin! It's almost a good thing the four of us were only together for a day and a half...we may have been deported if it was for any longer.

The next day we planned to take an ocean cruise to Upolu Cay and The Great Barrier Reef.

To have 4 girls up and ready to roll at 7a with one shower was quite the accomplishment, we just knew it was going to be a good day.

We headed down to the Marina where we boarded the Ocean Freedom.

Upolu Cay about to emerge from the water as the tide goes out. We anchored near the cay and snorkeled in. WOW. Giant Clams, a Sting Ray, Ocean Cucumbers, the "Nemo" fish, The Great Barrier Reef was unreal. This was the first stop to snorkel.

We swam up to the cay and laid out on the tiny island of land for a good half an hour, baking in the sun and visually taking in the beauty that surrounded us.

* the above photo taken from www.tourstogo.com.au
After spending some time on Upolu Cay, we came back to the boat and had lunch. After lunch, we went out further on the reef and snorkeled in the choppy ocean. Peter, our guide showed us around the reef and had us laughing so hard, I've never swallowed that much sea water in my life.

Back to the boat, laying on the deck in the sun, drinking wine with the girls, dessert and good conversation.
Best day in Australia.

Us and the fabulous Ocean Freedom crew.

Back to the hotel and we got ready to go out. First stop was the Casino Bar. Lame. Second stop was Rhino Bar. Out of Control, or wait, I think we were out of control. Yeah, we were.

The Americans and the Brazilians.
Pedro, Maria, Thalis, Anya, Paulo, Sewon, Marianne and, yeah, sorry, forgot.

There are so many more photos from this day! Ill post them as soon as I get them from the other girls.

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