Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The following is taken from a site that I have made a habit of reading everyday.

"The path to true happiness

What is the path to true happiness? How far must you go to find happiness?

You need not go very far at all. For happiness is always inside you, ready whenever you are.

No object, no person, no circumstance will make you happy. You are always happy when you decide to be.

The good things in life do not cause happiness. It is precisely the other way around.

Allow happiness to flow out from you, and the good things in life will surround you and fill your world. Choose to be happy, with no conditions imposed upon that happiness, and you'll create the ideal conditions for your life.

Happiness is a beautiful gift you can give yourself no matter what. Give it freely and it will change your world."

-- Ralph Marston


Tomorrow I take off for Sydney, Australia.

Surprise, surprise, the weather in Sydney is great...until the day I fly in! I swear, read through my travels in this blog, every city I fly into, I make it rain. I guess I can look at it in a positive light; rain brings life and growth. Right? Right.

Thanks to my good fortune of being able to travel so many times a year, having had a long distance boyfriend which had me packing just about every other weekend, and still not being settled into my own place (living out of boxes, my car and suitcases); packing has been a breeze. I have it down to an art. So much so that I can't believe how easy it was. Actually, did I forget something?

Stay tuned, this should, I'm sorry, this will be, an awesome trip.

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