Thursday, November 13, 2008

Arriving in Sydney

hello Sydney.

What else would you learn to do at Goole than make lattes.

The first thing I noticed when getting off the plane was the humidity.

The first thing I noticed when walking outside was the smell of campfire, (one of my most favorite smells) cologne and cigarettes. I heard birds. I saw sun. I was happy.

A 54 Australian dollar cab ride to King Street Wharf in Darling Harbour and I'm "home."

I walked around Darling Harbour, yes, it's the touristy part of Sydney. But, then again, that is what I am, right? The slow walk, huge eyes, looking and stopping to experience everything, camera out, clicking every ten seconds...yup, definitely a tourist.

This reminds me very much so of Hong Kong. Tall skyscrapers stacked on hills, dangerously close to one another. Concentrated life bunched up as close to a body of water as it can get.

Here everyone seems a so much happier and at ease. Everyone has been nothing but nice and welcoming, smiles here, hellos there.

I haven't placed my finger on it yet, but it seems that egos aren't king here as it is in the states. This just makes everyone more...comfortable, open, easy-going, communal and, well, human.

Quality of life takes place number one in the list of priorities; it's not about what you do at work, but what you do with your life outside of work. I like that.

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