Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Training for the 10K/St. Jude's Fundraiser Post 05

Halloween Costume Shopping is a Bitch, some of the gems I found this year:
..The Gold Digger..
..Money Hungry..
..Pigs in a Blanket..

I set my distance for 5.5miles today, and ended up running 6.23. Uhhh huh. Just kept going. That one was for you Mario. I can't believe how much better I feel now that the antibiotics are wearing off, really makes you think what they do to your body.

Not only did a black cat cross my path during my run tonight, but it was being chased by a fat completely white cat, with a bell around it's neck. Oh, and prior to that, a skunk ran across my path as well.

A day in the life.

When did "it" start today, you know, that random, crazy crossing of life paths...hmmm, ok.

"Hi, I'm here to meet with _______ for an interview with Stereolab."

"Do you get your hair cut at Oxenrose?"
The girl behind the ticket counter at The Fillmore replies.

Caught completely off guard, instead of thinking, 'How does she know that!?!' the first thought in my head was, 'OMG, she can tell I haven't had my hair cut in 6 months!'

I walk over to the gate, awaiting ______ to come down to get us to bring us up for the interview with Tim from Stereolab when I see a familiar face.


Walking towards me I see my intimidatingly intelligent/favorite/extremely talented Graphic Design professor. How do you tell someone whom did so much to guide and teach you a certain discipline that you aren't working in that specific discipline after you have graduated? Ughhhh. It made me sad. Don't get me wrong, I still design and create, it's just not my main occupation right now. Ok, I feel better.

We greet each other, he had just bought two tickets to the show, the usual catch up talk, and down comes ______ to walk us up for the interview.

"So it's you three?" _____ asks looking at my coworker, Eric and I. A quick look up at Eric, a quick nod from him, and,
"Yup, us three."

"Great, follow me."

The first thing through my head was, 'Aughhhhh, I can't do this interview in front of Eric!" He seriously intimidates me.

As the three of us ascended the stairs, the team was formed. From that point on, without even speaking to each other about it in advance, the three of us together conducted an amazing, seamless interview, Eric even jumped in and asked some awesome questions that contributed perfectly to the piece.

After the interview, we all laughed at how perfectly that whole situation went down. My coworker and I had to leave for another interview, Eric walked us downstairs. He still had those two extra tickets to get rid of. Not even 10 steps out the door,
"Hey man, you have some tickets you can sell us?"

"It's your lucky day!!!" I yelled back to Eric as we parted ways. I wonder what came of the rest of his night.

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