Monday, October 20, 2008

Training for the 10K/St. Jude's Fundraiser Post 04

A piece I have in the works

And now, some words of wisdom from Deepak Chopra...:
.."The potential for possibility is found in everything"..
.."Just Be"..
.."Synchronicity is how the universe works"..
.."Breathe deeply, do the best you can do, learn the most you can learn"..
.."Self exploration is forever"..

Finally feeling healthy again, I hit the pavement tonight.

I ran 5.2 miles in 53 minutes only to be congratulated by Lance Armstrong on my longest run to date.

I've been using the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit and Sensor for the past three years, love it, anyways, I have never heard Lance on this thing...tonight I did.

I followed that up with two cartwheels on the lawn and called it a fabulous day.

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