Monday, October 13, 2008

Training for the 10K/St. Jude's Fundraiser Post 03

Hmmm, which of these many factors could've effected my horrible run time today?

..Could it have been the non- stop drinking from 11a on Saturday morning til 4a Sunday morning on account of Fleet Week?..
..Ummm, how about the Margaritas on Friday..
..How about that incredibly spicy soup I had for lunch?..
..Is the treadmill at the gym, a harder workout than running the hills around my house?..
..Wait, did I drink any water today?..

Distance: 3.75
Time: 43 minutes

Yes, I treated my body, um, not so fabulous this weekend. It was Fleet Week in SF.
Yes, things are changing today.
Yes, I only have 20 days left.
Yes, I am freaking out.

Any bit you can contribute will be much appreciated.

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