Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Pretty City

Lines, textures and colors

Dinosaurs of the Bay

Hurry up and Wait, and Hurry up and Wait, Hurry up! Now wait. Ok, go. Go!  Some random things I either saw, discovered or re-discovered while doing the Hurry up and Wait these past couple of days:
..A women in a tie dyed shirt and lime green spandex shorts pushing a little dog in a stroller, classic..
..If you haven't had the mac and cheese, collard greens and fried chicken at Farmer Brown, you're missing out..
..In Australia, they call a french kiss a "pash." If you kiss a guy with a scratchy beard you can get a "pash rash." Pash Rash blows..
..The Spicy Dirty One at Olive..
..A certain someone I know lost 40lbs by doing the Abs of Steel, Buns of Steel and Arms of Steel videos, I already checked, $5 each on Amazon..

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