Saturday, October 4, 2008

Little Brother says...

*photos taken from their myspace page

Some words of wisdom from a recent interview with Little Brother in their RV, yes, you heard me right, not their tour bus but their RV, it was amazing:
.."If you want to make it in this industry (hip hop), be prepared to starve, you will starve."..
..In the rap/hip hop world, you have multiple cell phones, all with different ring tones..
..Success is being able to
make money, doing what you love to do on your own terms..
..If you love it, and you practice at your craft long enough, eventually you will find an audience..
.."They call it Moet because these [girls] are mo' than happy to drink up mo' than all yo' goddam liquor"..

An hour before I leave, I get an email to go directly to the RV parked outside the music venue for the interview with Little Brother. Cool. I get to the venue, bags, tripod, heels and all, dressed up a little more than usual as I had a friends' surprise party right after...if I made it on time for the "surprise."

No RV in the front, ok, I go down the back alley, tour bus. Nice. Knock on the door, no one's on the bus. I call my contact, no answer. It's cold, it's windy, it's doing that thing it does in San Francisco when it's not quite raining, it's not quite fog, I don't know what the hell it is, but it sucks and I forgot a jacket...grrrrrr. I see some security guards by the back door.

"Hi, do you guys know where I can find _______?"
Blank stares.

Some guys go in the back, I can hear them asking around, getting the name all wrong. Jesus.
Forget it, I go to the front of the venue to ask around up there. Oh, another security guy.

"Hi, I'm here to do an interview with Little Brother, do you know where I can find _____?"
He looks at me, and with a stone cold face,
"You're here to do an interview with Little Brother?"
"Write down your name, and who you are looking for."

I scribble my name and who I'm looking for on a piece of paper, I scribbled it, not on purpose but because I was shaking from the cold, give it to Mr. Security along with my card.

"I'll be back."

A lot of girls must pull some shit to get backstage to see these guys. No one around here trusts a word I'm saying. 3 minutes later Security guy emerges from the venue. Smiles.

"Now why didn't you say you were here to see ______ on business?!? Come on, come on, lets get you out of this cold."
"But I did say that!!!"
"You weren't mean enough."

Are you serious? Wow.
It was straight out of the Wizard of Oz. His whole demeanor had changed. The golden ropes were dropped and I walked right into the venue, guys carrying my bags up the stairs and all.

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