Monday, September 29, 2008

Yountville Yum.

Boudin de Lapin et Figue, rabbit & fig sausage with polenta cake, sweet corn, mission fig & tarragon jus at Bouchon, the ultimate sweet meets salty, oh my.

No caption needed.

In the backyard at The French Laundry.

On the patio at The French Laundry.

The Garden, where Bouchon, The French Laundry, and Ad Hoc plant and pick their produce.

When in Yountville:

..Get a Tomato, Basil and Brie Sandwich from Bouchon Bakery
where the bread is baked in-house and the tomatoes are picked fresh from the garden..
..The Chocolate Bouchons (also from Bouchon Bakery)=Heaven, no Hell, because you will eat them all, feel guilty, then be ruined for life because no brownie will ever do you like The Chocolate Bouchon..
..Eat at
Ad Hoc and drink Once, a wine there that will rock your socks..
..Take notice of the friendly and very good looking staff at Bouchon, The French Laundry and Ad Hoc, wine country must make happy beautiful people..
..Stop and sit at one of the benches along Washington and ponder the beauty of wine, fresh, seasonal produce and small town hospitality..

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