Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ohgomori Family Lunch/Reunion

My Uncles organized a family lunch for everyone to get together. Here is my Obachan and her four kids; my two uncles , Uncle Ugi and Uncle Shusaku, my Aunt Kimie, and my Mom.

My cousin Natsuko and Olivia.

My cousins...


All the Grandchildren with Obachan.

Obachan, she is 91.

After lunch, Olivia and I took the train to Harajuku to meet up with Shimmy and Ryan, again. After some shopping we stopped to eat at the food court in Harajuku. There is only one food court in Harajuku, you will know when you are there. This place is packed with teenagers and tiny boppers.

When we got home, we met Haru for the first time. Haru is my cousin Kaori's son. He is soooo cute.

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