Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kyoto Day 2

The second day in Kyoto, well, actually each day we were in Kyoto, we were up at 8a and out on the road by 10a. My mom is amazing. She had each day planned out, maps, where we were walking, where we were eating...without her, the trip would not have been the same.

Each of the 4 days we were there, rain or shine (which was only one day), we'd walk and walk, and walk, then walk some more. Stop at the Temples, Rock Gardens and Shrines....

eat... You know Olivia and I like it spicy. Japanese Extra Hot = American Extra Mild.

Hinode was the place where we stopped for lunch. They are known for their Udon Curry Noodles. Yummy.

If you could see the legs on these guys....ripped.

Yes, this is a vending machine on the streets, and this is some little town in the middle of no where. Must we be soooo far behind? :)

There were no nails used in many of these ancient Temples. Everything was fit together with just the wood.

Kyoto cuisine is so delicious and healthy. Tons of fish, vegetables and pickles. Okra and Eggplant are really big out here. I had Okra sushi for the first time...interesting...

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