Friday, December 7, 2007

Last Day in Dallas

Yesterday was quite the day. I swear, there should be a camera crew filming us as we film others, it would make for really good reality tv.

Here are some pictures from my cousin Joseph's loft. He lives here in Dallas. An amazing artist all around. He has been written up in many publications. He has also been chosen as a runner up in the Domino Magazine Decorating Contest.

Vote for him: here.

Our final shoot last night, that would be shoot number #10 for the day, 14 shoots in one day has been our record in Dallas, was at Lee Harvey's. (i just nominated myself as the queen of run on sentences, and voice messages for that matter, and texts...and...) I met my most favorite guy so far, Bacon. He get's all the ladies. He lives at Lee Harvey's. He cruises from table to table, hangs out at the front door, visits with the guests. Lee Harvey's is not some posh, luxury lounge. Located next door to a junk yard, complete with a junk yard dog, Lee Harvey's comes complete with Picnic tables arranged around fire pits outside in front. You walk in through the screen door, and you are inside; bar, pool table, dj, fireplace, out back in the patio; bar, more picnic tables, it's pretty damn awesome. Bacon rules this joint. He's a bad ass, he's seen a lot, not afraid of anything, very intelligent, very stylish, quite the ladies man. He's hot. Here is a shot of him and I.

I woke up this morning and walked around a bit before getting my coffee. Dallas is hot, humid and gray today.

Off to work!

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Timothy said...

Hey, I know I should have waited a little while before commenting on your blog, lest I seem too anxious to keep in contact with you, but I got home after leaving your hotel and I couldn"t help but look up your blog before going to bed, leading to my current state, sitting in bed, in my thermal underwear--since the ride home on the scooter was so cold--reading your blog and wondering why we had to say goodbye so abruptly. (Take that run-on sentences) You made my week tonight. So rarely do I meet someone who... well this is kinda personal, and everyone is going to read this. E-mail me, and we'll finish this.

Hope you have a great time in Autstin. Go to Stubs Bar-b-que and have the pulled pork sandwich. the calories are totally worth it.

see you soon,

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