Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Oh wow, a second entry, ok, so maybe I will keep up with this for awhile. Tuesday. Drove back into San Francisco from my parents house this morning where I go to retreat and recuperate from the overwhelming-ness that can be San Francisco (sometimes.)

There is just so much to do, see, eat, and experience that if you don't pace yourself...yeah, you will find that you are never home, broke, drunk most of the time, and beleive me, you will forget who you are, and where you parked your car. I digress.

Listening to NPR this morning, which surprisingly has been an awesome source to learn about new music, I heard a segment on Grizzly Bear, this really cool band out of New York. I had heard about them before, but hearing the segment motivated me to actually check out there music . The story behind the name Yellow House, is that the album was recorded in the home of one of the members. They felt that the house had a lot to do with the way the music came out sounding; giving it old yet new sound. They incorporated different sounds from the house, like the squeaking of floor boards into the music as well. Their song entitled On a Neck on a Spit is awesome.

Three shoots today at work. One of them was this new restaurant, Fish and Farm, that opened up in the good old Tenderloin. Aside from being asked twice for money, once if I was famous, and once to be someone's girlfriend because "I looked like a good Christian girl," (keep in mind this all went down in a time span of 5 min. WTF!!!!) this place is wonderful. You walk into the space which is small and cozy, it only seats 40, and you are surrounded by rich blues, aquas and browns. The interior was designed by Sherri Sheridan, the owner of Swallowtail on Polk (sorry no website, but the store is definitely worth checking out). She did an awesome job keeping it simple, using only a small eclectic mix of unique, and beautiful decorations. Like just about everyone else in San Francisco, they are local, organic and seasonal (if I have to hear those words, in that order one more time...). But they take it one step further. They limit there food supply, produce, fish and meat to a 100 mile radius from Fish and Farm. They also recycle everything, use all parts of the produce, fish and meat, grow there own herbs, donate their used cooking oil to a bio-diesel plant, the floors are reclaimed bamboo, the table tops are recycled marble, cocktails are made from organic alcohol, they even take the clam shells from their clams, smash them up and use them as fertilizer to re-grow produce.

The food. Wow. I wish I could remember the exact names of the dishes, but I tried the swordfish, sardines and the fritters. Swordfish with cranberry beans and fresh wild arugala=yum. The Sardines are served with the head and tail still intact, sounds gross, but really, it wasn't, and I think it's important that we are reminded where our food is coming from. I always thought that sardines are salty and have a strong fish taste, I was wrong. These were delicious. The Fritters, my favorite. So tasty, a little bit of salt, a little bit of sweet from the peppers. The chef and his team in the kitchen, awesome. The experience was definitely a positive and inspiring one. Oh yea, all drinks at the bar, including pumpkin or maybe it was squash, infused gin, rosemary martinis and some other unique cocktails are under $9, I will for sure be hitting this spot up after work.

Gym afterwork, a little bit of kickboxing, a little bit of hip hop which I had to walk out of because I felt like I was in the making of some really cheesy dance-a-long video, and them home.

Until next time...

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