Sunday, November 4, 2007

So it Starts...

I'm new to this whole thing. I'm not even sure you will see another post from me. But, I guess, you have to start somewhere. I see a lot of cool things, meet a lot of awesome people, and live a pretty crazy life. I don't get to hang out with all those that I love the most, so maybe this is the way Ill be able to "stay in touch." Not to mention, a way for me to document and remember all that I am fortunate enough to see and learn.

I'm all over the place (which I think will make for a really diverse and interesting blog), for 3 reasons. Reason one; I work for a national online video based lifestyle magazine/guide in which I am in charge of content, produce and host the video segments for the San Francisco Bay Area. (No, we haven't launched yet, and yes, it will be soon.) This translates to, I need to know everything of awesomeness that is going down, at all times; restaurants, nightlife venues, bands, events, people, boutique shops, shows, festivals, EVERYTHING! I get to go to these places to film, interview with these people, and check out all the dope shit that they're are making which is truly inspiring. Some of my favorite past interviews, whether enlightening, entertaining or inspirational have been with Zion-I crew (band), Diplo (DJ), the boys from 21mc (fashion collective), Rachel from Eden and Eden (boutique), Justice (band), All Teeth and Knuckles (band), Dengue Fever (band), Jon Julio and Azikiwee Anderson from D-Structure (boutique), Eric Pollard (pro-skier), Eric from 22Shoes (boutique), Benny Gold (designer/artist), Jonny Moseley (pro-skier), Merkeley??? (photographer) and Larry Little (producer/band manager).

Reason two would be that I am a jack of all trades, a master of none; two degrees in, and a major love for the arts (design, photography, painting), took lessons in every type of dance imaginable, played the piano and sax, I've worked in banks, fast food joints, tv, restaurants, clubs, bars, hotels, for myself, tech offices, on the streets, ice cream parlors, grocery stores, and design firms, and I've had a moment with just about every craft hobby from crocheting to soap making to blowing glass to letterpress to printing cyanotypes.

Reason three for being all over the place, which I believe leads to a very interesting, well-rounded life, is that, if you couldn't already tell...I get bored really easily.

Ok, enough for now. Here's to hoping that I stick with this!

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