Thursday, November 8, 2007

Joining the Circus

What day is it? I always loose track. 4 amazing shoots so far today.

Five and Diamond in the Mission was our first shoot...I love this store, and the couple that own it. Both Phoebe and Leighton design their own separate jewelry designs, Tawapa and Bootleg respectively, they also do a line together called Wild Card which is clothing and accessories. I would wear EVERYTHING in this store...oh, so here's the interesting part that just makes this store one of my favorites. Both Phoebe and Leighton are also part of a traveling Burlesque show, The Yard Dogs Road Show that travels the world performing, he eats fire, she dances. Before this, Leighton was part of a sideshow in the circus, where he has collected things like a mummified mermaid, a mummified fairy, a demon's skull and some other damn interesting/freaky oddities.

The store doubles as a museum of objects that the couple has collected from their travels around the world. The jewelry and clothing that the couple design reflect their lifestyle. Bear claw rings, beautiful earings made from bone, the very stylish clothing is very versatile and made to wear in numerous ways, perfect for us San Francisco folk ;)

Their story sounds like a fairy tale to me. Why did a not become a burlesque dancer that travels the world dancing? The life of a gypsy is the life for me. What a perfect life. And then from there to be able to open a boutique with your significant other selling beautiful jewelry and clothing. Damn, I guess it's not too late. If you don't hear from me for awhile, that's where I will have gone.

San Francisco is full of such talent. So many amazingly creative and beautiful people put into one tiny place, its pretty fucking incredible.

Well, this is going to have to be continued...the good old Treo to Mezzanine to shoot The Cool Kids who are playing with M.I.A ronight....tell you about it later...

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