Thursday, November 15, 2007

Crazy Day

What a day, what a day. It started with a 10a shoot at Zeitgeist, awesome bar, the BEST Bloody Mary's in town. Let me tell you, one of my favorite things in this world is a damn good Bloody Mary, and I've had plenty of Bloody Mary's around town and abroad. Zeitgeist definitely is at the top of that list.

Work work work.

Then tonight, I interviewed with Adam and Justin from She Wants Revenge and Kenna at the Fillmore. All three guys were awesome, had good conversation, and were just down to earth.

If you haven't heard of Kenna before, you should definitely check him out. His sound does not fit into one genre, it's a bit of everything. What intrigued me the most was that he had a lot to speak on as far as life goes, people, and his passion for music and spreading what he has learned with others.

Justin and Adam were really easy to talk to. They weren't pretentious at all, they realize just how lucky and blessed they are to be doing what they are doing, and they weren't all about talking about them. As much as I asked questions, they engaged in conversation with me, asking me questions and talking about things other than them.

The life of a musician is almost that of a gypsy, I guess with a lot more glamour and perks. But it's all the same, isn't it? Both travel the world, performing their respective art to different crowds, living never in one place for very long and performing the same show with a family/group of other people night after night. I don't know where I was going with this, I guess I'm just trying to comprehend what that would be like, and understand how alot of these artists that I interview are just completely burnt out, they can barley hold a thought, yet they get up on that stage and perform, projecting such energy, night after night.

Anyways, both shows were amazing, the staff at the Fillmore was awesome, and I hit the gym from 11p to 12a. Yes, like a said, crazy day.

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