Sunday, November 11, 2007


Yes, that is the time right now. Sunday. Sunny outside, the ocean is blue, not one cloud in the sky, and the relentless rain of yesterday has left everything fresh and alive. From last Thursday, there was another shoot that I wanted to speak on if I may. Free Goldwatch.

Free Goldwatch is Matt and Jordan, we were invited to film inside their workshop, that's right, the first camera crew allowed in to film in that space. These guys are the best for the reasons listed below:

hilarious, no seriously, I could not stop laughing, even when they were being serious

two creative hotties, need I say more

really cool t-shirts, there wasn't one in there I wouldn't wear with pride

hanging at their shop is like hanging out on the set of a show, random character's stopping in, guest visits, and Matt and Jordan's interactions; I swear they were meant for TV

Everything is made in that shop, by them and a really small crew (there were 4 when we were there)

Later on in the night, the guys came through to Mezzanine. Not only did they bring myself and the crew shirts, but the shirts are one of the first 5 to have the tags sewn in backward, so that you can flip the "Free Goldwatch" out in the back so it's facing up...duh. Love them. Earlier in the night, the crew and I had interviewed with The Cool Kids, and they were, some pretty cool kids; style, personality, music, just some really cool down to earth guys, having fun with what they do.

After the interview, the headliner, M.I.A. took stage. Her show was pretty amazing, the girl knows how to rock a show, that's for damn sure. Crazy outfits, crazy graphics on the screen in back, crazy dace moves. The place was packed...wayyyy tooo packed for me, I was on my way out when I spotted Matt and Jordan, grabbed them for some drinks and that was that. We discussed what the word "cool" meant, M.I.A, and watched some of Matt's awesome dance moves on the dance floor. Before long, the night was over and they walked me to my car. Good thing I forgot where my car was parked, because I got my own private walking tour to the birth place of Free Goldwatch.

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