Saturday, September 15, 2012

China: Xi'an Day 2

// Big Wild Goose Pagoda //

// Phoenix Silk Rug Factory //

// my new silk scarf //

// silk worms //

// like a boss //

// hot pot //

// street food //

// night dancing //

I hope you enjoyed these posts from our China trip! In case you missed the previous posts, please check out Beijing Day 1, Beijing Day 2, Beijing Day 3, Beijing Day 4, and Xi'an Day 1.

Before the trip I was trying to do some research on Rewards Travel China and didn't find that much on the tour company. Hopefully this provides some insight for those looking to travel with Rewards Travel China, I highly recommend it. The experience was flawless, effortless on our end, and we were well communicated to from beginning to end. The tour guides and bus drivers were excellent and the quality of the food and hotels exceeded my expectations. The experience is one I'll never forget and will most definitely travel again with a tour group.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for posting your experience. I am purchasing the same itinerary for my daughter and me, and I can across your blog while doing a search on the company. So very helpful! I am excited to experience this trip. I'll be sure to bookmark your blog as well.

Maria Maria Maria said...

That makes me so happy!!! We had such a blast. Enjoy your adventure! xo Maria

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