Monday, October 17, 2011

A New (ad)Venture!

I'm sooooo very excited to announce the opening of our (my boyfriend and my) new, online, Etsy Shop! We named our shop Tomorow

We felt that the name Tomorow is perfect for what we want our shop to stand for. The work is meant to make people feel happy, positive, forward thinking/looking and "tomorrow," literally, always holds hope and new surprises. We only have 4 items in our shop at the moment, but more goodies are on the way! 

From our profile: We blend photography with acrylic and watercolor paint, ink, and other surprises ;)

 We love to create art. We both are constantly driven to grow and become stronger artists by tirelessly practicing our craft and opening our eyes to the world around us. Every day we are inspired by passionate artists from around the globe that put their life and feelings into their work.

Go check it out! Tell me what you think :) 

You can view our store here: Tomorow

1 comment:

erica marie said...

Love the use of watercolor and photos, such a fun project to be working on together!

xo erica

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