Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In The Production Office

Working in the world of Digital Media is so very exciting. As most of you already know, people are quickly shifting their time and attention from traditional media (Television and Print) to Digital Media. It's interactive, convenient, and fits into our busy lives and complicated schedules. Webisodes are taking over regular network TV programming. With webisodes, we have a wider variety of programming to choose from, and a lot of it is independent...meaning it's content is not dictated by a larger corporate network.

I started following @Slebisodes on Twitter which brought me to their blog which then took me to list of the top Web Series from Kellie Ann Benz. From there I made two fascinating discoveries.

The first, my friend Tony Styles is one of the characters on Jon Chu's The LXD. Now I knew he was an incredibly talented dancer, and I knew he moved to LA, but I didn't know he was doing big things like this! :)

The second discovery is a Web Series called "In The Production Office." I think it's absolutely hilarious and feel that a lot of girls can relate to the woes of Coco and Myra...which is a good thing for them since according to the Nielsen ratings, woman between the ages of 25-34 are leading the trend of switching from the TV to the computer.

Please enjoy Tony, Coco and Myra below.

In The Production Office

The Good, The Bad and the Ra Part 1

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