Sunday, June 21, 2009

Out of Sorts and Out of Time

Since I've moved to LA last Sunday, I feel like I've been living in one of those snow globes that has been violently shaken and is just now stopped moving to let things begin to slowly fall into their new orderly place. I am lacking time to write at the moment, but I'll leave you with the only two pics I've taken thus far, sadly. These pictures strangely enough sum up the random, exciting, crazy, ups, downs, let downs, let go's, and realizations I've experienced this past week. More to come soon.

I wanted to buy these but knew it could only be a bad thing.

On the "Purple Carpet" for the Laker's Championship Event.

1 comment:

Iva said...

Maria! :( I will miss you not being near me :( ...ok that we hung out...BUT I loved that you were close by :)

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