Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Those damn boots.

The finding of my tan cowboy boots (read here) had more meaning than I had initially thought. Like I had said, the second I put them on, I felt the gypsy-ness of my being return. And boy did it ever....

May 15th, as I was moving the last of my belongings to my new place in SF, I received a phone call that brought news of a move.

I will be moving to LA.

A whole new city to explore, a new start, new friends and new places to discover. I feel like it still hasn't hit me yet, it will soon enough.

Since that phone call, I had family visiting from the East Coast, then I took off to NYC and returned yesterday...with a fever of 103 :(

I apologize for the lack of posts recently! Hopefully the above explains all. Tons of good stuff to come!!!

1 comment:

Iva said...

wow! that is awesome! I cant wait to hear about all your stories! This is so exciting. I'm glad you are up and posting again!!

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