Tuesday, June 3, 2008


We started back in Harajuku the next day. I'm not a big fan. It's such a scene. Sure, there are some cool, unique shops, but they are super touristy, the music is 20 notches too high, there are people everywhere, sales people outside of their shops screaming in mega phones in Japanese for you to come into their shop, you can barely walk...wow, I think I'm getting old.

Sweets Paradise is an all-you-can-eat in 90 minutes dessert parlor. You pay your entrance here:

then let the games begin...

Hanging with first Chuck, then Olivia and my Mom over these past two weeks has meant some major calorie intake for me. I can't keep up, Olivia is a machine. I thought I could put it down...oh no, Olivia ate 2 plates of food (yes, they have food here, too), 4 plates of dessert, and 4 bowls of icecream then topped it off with a sandwich. Legendary.

While waiting for Olivia to finish throwing up in the bathroom, my mom and I entertained ourselves by taking pictures of each other in front of the Sweets Paradise sign.

I got bored quickly then went outside and took some pictures from the deck.

Olivia and I parted with Mom, and took the train to Shinjuku to meet up with my two cousins, Natsuko and Mana and Natsuko's two friends.

Marianne, this Japanese boy-band picture was taken just for you :)

We had dinner at an Izakaya right on the main strip. We ate, drank and were happy.

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