Tuesday, December 4, 2007


To finish up on Las Vegas, despite the crazy tourists, I met some really cool local people. Jack Colton , www.jackcolton.com, really cool, young, smart guy with great ideas, that he executes. I have learned that's the secret; you can have a million great ideas, but until you actually execute any of them, they are nothing but thoughts.

Jimmy Greenup was another character, if you ever go to Tao in Vegas, you got to find this guy. He is the "Mood Director." In short, he is an overpaid cheerleader, those were his words by the way. He buys hot girls rounds of shots, dances, pumps people up, does whatever it takes to get the party going. That's his job. Anything is possible in the Las Vegas Entertainment Industry.

The whole Nick Lachey, Nikki Hilton, Wilmer Velderama, Criss Angel thing, it was for the opening of a new restaurant in Las Vegas called Company. It was the first time that I had been in a press pit for a red carpet event. It was surreal, it was gross, I was ashamed to be in there! The other media people around me, Life and Style, LA Times, some others, were talking the whole time about which celebrities were nice, what they were wearing, where they saw them last, what they were like in real life, blah, blah, blah. My co-worker and I were dying. Then when the celebrities came down the carpet, everyone was screaming their names, girls were screaming from the crowd behind us, flashing lights (love Kanye's song), camera's, microphones, tape recorders, paper being flung into the faces of these poor people. And who was up in that ugly mix??? Yes, that's right, your truly. Ew. But the job got done, I got what I needed from each of them, and they were all very nice, and more beautiful in person, especially Nikki Hilton, she looked like a doll. (am I spelling her name right?)

Dallas is just wonderful. I can't see myself living here, no ocean, the art and music scene is not so hot, but I must say, the food....holly hell.

Since I've been here, that's a whole two days, I've had the best Miso Soup, Spicy Tuna Rolls, and Chocolate cake with Green Tea Icecream at Shinsei. And the most amazing steak at Javier's. Another thing I noticed out here in Dallas is that the staff turn over in the restaurants and bars is close to zero. Maybe it's the places we are shooting, maybe it's the way things are out here. At Javier's the rookie, had been with the restaurant for 9 years. Jesus.

The people out here in Dallas are so friendly and hospitable. I've felt so welcomed since I've arrived. Just about every person that we've met has given us their card saying please call me if you need anything.

Gross, my cough is getting worse, going to bed.

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